Friday, 22 April 2011

Slovenia & Croatia

Sorry for the delay but we are back in Italy now...internet is rare here!

Our last trip has been the best!  We visited Slovenia first where we stayed in a very nice campsite named Camping Bled which is right next to Lake Bled.  The Lake is known for its small island in the middle (apparently the only island in the country) which has a small communitiy living upon it and a beautiful church popping out of it!

We then headed further south to the famous caves Postojna Jama where we explored via train and foot throught the 5km of limestone caves.  Plus, we learnt of the Human Fish (a cave dwelling salamander), that was discovered in the cave...look it up, its so cool!

After this, we headed for Predjama Grad which is a castle that was built inside of a cave entrance.  It was really cool to see but unfortanatly we were too late to go inside it for the tour.

Off to Croatia! We spent the first day driving through treacherous forest roads and passing a surprising amount of abandoned houses and we nearly hit a suicidal deer, if that wasnt enough to unnerve us, then the warning signs for bears and wolves certainly were! After staying at the Belle Vue Hotel we spent a wonderful day at Plitvice Lakes, which were amazing, and a great way to end our trip!

Photos coming soon! To those who don't already know, our ferry is on the 6th of May so you can expect us back then!

See you all Soon

Friday, 1 April 2011

More Pictures

Chris on the prom in Nice

Now it's Gaby on the prom in Nice

Chris at the fountain in Nice town centre

A Glamorous Gaby in Nice

A less glamorous Chris...

Chris on the beach in Antibue

Gaby in Barcelona centre

Chris at the 'Sagrada Familia' in Barcelona

A cocktail by the sea.......luvverly

Gaby in Barcelona

Disaster in France....and Barcelona!!

First thing first.....we had a bit of a disaster in Nice.  We checked out of the hotel and walked back to where our car was parked only to find that it wasn't there anymore! Luckily a lady walking her dogs saw what had happened and told us that some police had towed it! Apparently we were parked in a 'No Parking Zone' although there weren't any signs that actually said this!  She told us where to go and it cost us a long bus ride and a hefty fine to get the car back....but he is safely with us now!!

We set off the next day for Spain and have spent the night in a lovely little hotel in Castelldefels.  Today we journeyed into Barcelona where we shopped down 'La Rambla', which is the most famous street in Barcelona.  We also saw the 'Sagrada Familia' and a few other Gaudi buildings that where dotted around the city.  We enjoyed some Tapas and Paella by the docks, and a cheeky cocktail and ice cream.

Due to the unfortunate car incident, we have decided to head back to Italy a little sooner as we had a set budget for the trip.  We will be heading back tomorrow so there may not be much blog activity in the next week or so!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cannes and Nice...So far!

Well after a couple more weeks rest in Italy, we set off for the south of France and Spain. We arrived in Nice on Sunday night and slept in a service station as it was too late to book into anywhere. On Monday morning we drove to Cannes where we saw the beginnings of the film festival being set up. The whole city is quite glamorous, with its huge buildings and expensive yachts, you get the impression that it is modelled for the celebrity stay. But it still has a traditional charm with its little market streets and crepes stalls.
After Cannes we went to Nice where we are staying for a couple of nights as we've found a really budget hotel. We walked into town in the evening to grab a bite to eat. The duck and mussels went down a treat, our only downfall was the 8 euro beers! Apart from that, the town is great so far (Chris wants to live here....quote: "It's all the good things about London, minus all the bad things!")
That's all for now. Off to get the benefits of the town in the day.

Sicily, Pompeii, Cannes & Nice

Both of us in the bungalow garden in sicily (this photo doesn't really give the view enough justice)

Chris on the beach in Sicily

Gaby on the beach in Sicily

Gaby on the ruins of the old auditorium in Pompeii

Gaby at the old Pompeii Vineyards, with  Vesuvius in the background

Chris with more ruins of pompeii, and vesuvius

Gaby outside the Palais De Festivals, where the Cannes Film Festival is held

Chris on the docks of Cannes

Gaby with her Canard a l'orange in Nice...

...And Chris with his curry  moules frites

Monday, 14 March 2011

Italy trip

Hey guys, sorry it has been a while since we posted. We have just come back from our trip around Italy where we stopped by lucca, Florence, Rome, Pisa, Sicily and Pompeii.

Stayed in a really nice campsite in Rome where we spent the day seeing sights such as the colosseum and the Vatican. We Made our way south and got a boat to Sicily where we spent a weekend at another great campsite, in a bungalow practically on the beach.

We passed mt. Etna on our way to catania where we took a ferry to Napoli. We didn't stay there long for fear of our lives as it seemed a bit rough (understatement). We headed for Pompeii where we spent a fantastic day exploring the city ruins.

Were now back at the house and will be heading through southern France to Spain (and possibly Portugal) in two weeks!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Photos from Italy

Chris at the leaning tower of Pisa

Gaby and the lego tiger in Florence

Chris in front of one of the largest cathedrals in Italy (in Florence)

Gaby at the place where Tom Hanks found a dead man in Angels and Demons!

Chris at the Vatican, no pope in the background though :-(

Gaby at the Vatican

Now theres a pope in the background!!! :-D

Angels and demons again! The fountain where the guy was being drowned!

Gaby in front of some ancient Roman ruins

Gaby at the Colloseum

Chris at the Colloseum

Chris in Deiva Marina, Italy

Gaby in a bar sereno, Deiva Marina